Last night’s vote: Rohnert Park continues to use toxic pesticides in public places

UPDATE on last nights Rohnert Park meeting on synthetic pesticide uses in public areas. Over 70 people showed up to tell the council the use of toxins in public areas is not acceptable. If you live in RP let your Council know they need to go further and ask them how are they protecting you and your family from harm. 

Following info from attendee.

They will continue to use ~5 different synthetic pesticides in all of their parks, on all of their lawns, around all of their trees.

Here’s what went right:

1. Rohnert Park no longer uses RoundUP. Though they will primarily rely on ~5 toxic synthetic weed killers for routine cosmetic landscape maintenance but they will start also using some organic/OMRI products as well.

2. The city now posts online when, what, and where they are going to spray pesticides. No other city in the County does this yet and it’s a huge step forward for an issue that’s generally invisible.

3. One council member spoke out in favor of eliminating the use of all synthetic pesticides. Though we hoped for more support, it was a success to get one vote in a council that rarely goes against staff’s recommendations.

4. We connected with and educated thousands of people, and have contact information of ~500 Rohnert Park residents who care about this issue.