Update on: “No Pot on Purvine” has issued their final call to action: Hearing on September 30th at 9 a.m

Update: Supervisor Rabbitt suggested to the NPOP folks that everyone send letters again and also solicit new letters in opposition. NPOP knows it doesn’t make a lot of sense because all the previous letters are in the file packet on page 68. Take a look. Nevertheless, please resubmit your letter and just change the date to reaffirm your continuing opposition.  If you haven’t written, now is the time! Be sure to send your letter to Darin.Bartow@sonoma-county.org as well as Crystal Acker. Acker may not get your letter added to the packet if not received 10 days before the hearing, but Darin will send upon receipt. It’s  important that the Supes receive your comments before the meeting and not at the meeting.

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“No Pot on Purvine” has issued their final call to action

Hearing on September 30th at 9 a.m. UPC17-0020, wear red to support the neighbors

9AM in the Supervisors Chambers Room 102-A, 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa CA

Hello friends and neighbors, 

As you probably know, in April, the County voted to allow this San Francisco based, large size, commercial marijuana operation to go in on Purvine road, in our neighborhood, right next to a fourth generation Sonoma County family home.  

We have appealed their decision and are gathering a large opposition group at the Supervisors special appeal hearing for this project.  

PLEASE pick this one time to speak up, show up, and or voice your objection.

If you have showed support in. the past, as always we thank you and urge you to show just one more attempt at stopping this operation. 

Please let us know if you will be there, wearing red in opposition to this grow.  

As the date approaches we will provide updates on the time, if it changes, but it is now scheduled:  

9AM in the Supervisors Chambers Room 102-A 

575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa CA  

Please also forward this email to anyone of your neighbors that will show up wearing red! We are looking to pack the room with RED  

As Always, 

We thank you,  Neighbors on Purvine

If you wish to send an email in support of their appeal before the meeting send to Darin.Bartow@sonoma-county.org who is the Clerk for the Board of Supervisors. Ask Darin to include it in the file for the 334 Purvine Road Appeal Hearing on September 30th at 9 a.m. The CUP number is UPC17-0020. Darin sends comments to the file immediately after receiving them. Or you may send your email to the planner for this project, Crystal Acker, but it must be received 10 days prior to the hearing to go in the file the Supes will read before the meeting. We do not know if the Appeal will be available on video and/or audio nor how long speakers will be allowed. Only issues raised at the public hearing can be further litigated in court.  

Crystal Acker’s contact information is: (707) 565-8357 or via email at crystal.acker@sonoma-county.org.

She writes: Written comments may also be submitted prior to or at the hearing. Please submit written materials 10 days prior to the hearing date so that it can be distributed and considered by the decision-makers. Any written material submitted after this date will be distributed to the decision-makers prior to or at the hearing.  

If you challenge the decision on the project in court you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Permit and Resource Management Department at or prior to the public hearing.