Center for Biological Diversity: Don’t Let Trump’s Big Oil Pals Dredge San Francisco Bay


Don’t Let Trump’s Big Oil Pals Dredge San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay

The Trump administration has proposed to dredge a deeper channel through the San Francisco Bay and Carquinez Strait to import more dirty crude oil to polluting refineries in the area.

At a time when we need to be phasing out fossil fuels, this project does just the opposite. It would pump up production at refineries, multiply the risk of oil spills, threaten marine life, and dramatically increase carbon emissions and toxic pollution. We can’t let that happen.

Sign our petition to Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris and other elected officials urging them to stand up to Trump’s latest attack.

This move is part of Trump’s all-out assault on California, including his push to expand offshore drilling and reopen public lands to new oil and gas leasing. It also coincides with Bay Area refinery plans to process more Canadian tar sands oil — one of the planet’s dirtiest fossil fuels.

Act now to protect our bay and communities by helping shut down this dangerous project.