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This Compendium of Scientific and Practical Findings Supporting Eco-Restoration to Address Global Warming (the “Compendium”) is a fully referenced compilation of the evidence outlining the power, benefits and necessity of eco-restoration to address global warming.  Bringing together findings from the scientific literature, government and industry reports, and journalistic investigations, it is a public, open-access document that is housed here on the website of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate.

We anticipate a new release every six months and invite others who wish to contribute to its development to send suggestions and article reviews to The next release is scheduled for Winter 2020.

“The Compendium, brilliant and so helpful….Thank you.”  Paul Hawken, Author

“This is staggering. I’m especially grateful for the extremely clear summaries of the articles in this and the other volumes. You are democratizing hard science, bringing it within reach of us all without dumbing it down.”  Robert Labaree, Professor Emeritus, New England Conservatory

“Thanks for your tireless efforts Adam. So appreciative of this compendium.” David McConville, Board Co-Chair, Buckminster Fuller Institute


Compendium Volume 1 Number 1 July 2017
Covers a broad selection of eco-restoration articles, including soils, earthworms, water, wetlands, croplands, grasslands and forests. We also discuss how paradigms and peer review both advance and constrain the practice of science.

Compendium Volume 1 Number 2 March 2018
Focuses on biodiversity and why it’s so important, and regenerative agriculture as a critical path to global environmental health and stability.

Compendium Volume 2 Number 1 July 2018
Reviews the pivotal roles of water cycles and soil ecology in stabilizing
ecosystems and the climate.

Compendium Volume 2 Number 2 January 2019
Visits several examples of restoration in action from around the world, and reviews papers on floodplains, wetlands; discusses partnering with beavers; and considers how regenerative land management addresses heatwaves, droughts, floods and fires.  Special guest article on the Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack.

Compendium Volume 3 Number 1 July 2019
Discusses forest dynamics and ecological intensification in regulating ecosystems, managing ecosystem services, and enriching biodiversity. Offers several examples of eco-restoration work, “Blessed Unrest,” by individuals and organizations around the world.