Update on LCP process

The County, by the California Coastal Act regulations, has to start over with meetings and public input if a draft has not been approved in 4 years, which the last draft was over 4 years now and hugely rejected as the draft allowed the wine industry, events and expanded tourism. The draft for 2015 is over 4 years and the County is putting minimal workshops for a 475 page document that is difficult to read for the layman. Organizations put pressure on County and they released a timeline with workshops days after the release of the draft. 
The first Local Coastal Plan had 95 people working for 4 years, with 5 scientific technical groups and 4 citizen advisory groups. The County has NONE for this LCP draft. So far readers of the document have found there is no protection from fossil fuel development, the Endangered and threatened species have been severely cut and some eliminated entirely paving the way to open the coasts once again for winery industry events, tasting rooms and the real estate industry development.
The County released the draft with no workshops and only 6 total weeks for public input. So no fake news, workshops and timeline were NOT released at same time.  People power.  Every day we are finding more problems with this document. Keep up the pressure we need more time.