Western Values Project and the Shasta Dam

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David Johnson photo per Pixabay

Call your senators and demand an end to the Interior Department’s corruption >>

It’s possible to not be corrupt. Millions of people do it every day. But Trump’s Department of the Interior can’t seem to get through a single day without an incident of corruption.

The latest? Trump’s Interior Secretary and D.C. swamp creature David Bernhardt has finally set in motion something that he tried to do during his lobbyist years: raising the height of the Shasta Dam in Northern California.

Before Trump and Bernhardt, the Interior Department had refused to increase the height of the dam because it would endanger plants, animals, and downstream fisheries in the area — not to mention that it was illegal under California law! But it turns out Bernhardt was just taking the wrong approach. All he needed to do to get the favor done for his rich special interest client was to be the person in charge of Interior. Bernhardt’s flagrant abuse of power and reckless disregard for the duties of his office cannot be allowed to continue. We hope you’ll join us in calling your senators to demand an end to this corruption.

That’s only one example of the corrupt behavior Bernhardt has engaged in since he took office earlier this year. Among many other examples, he’s also been pushing to weaken endangered species regulations that are protecting a fish on the brink of extinction — all to benefit the same client.

If this behavior disgusts you, congratulations! You have a conscience. And we’re calling on all people with consciences to join us in demanding that Secretary Bernhardt be held accountable. Will you call your senators now to urge them to hold Bernhardt accountable and demand an end to the Interior Department’s corruption?

Together, we have power. Together, we will protect our public lands and our Western way of life.

— Your friends at the Western Values Project