CEQA Requires Assessment of GHG Impacts from Tourism

An Invitation and a Request – Sonoma County airport expansion in the face of a Climate Crisis?

Sunday, November 10, 3:30pm-5pm at the Peace & Justice Center. Meeting to discuss climate change and county airport expansion in the face of a Climate Crisis?

Let’s end the expansion of fossil fuel transportation infrastructure in Sonoma County!
Expand the Airport?  
Didn’t Sonoma County just adopt a Climate Emergency Resolution?  Didn’t we just experience traumatic devastating fires? Have you wondered whether it’s wise to be expanding the Sonoma County Airport now?
If you are concerned, as we are, please join us on Sunday, November 10, 3:30pm-5pm at the Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa for a meeting about the proposed expansion of the airport.
Can you imagine using the $10-$23 Milliion dollars that the airport expansion will cost in ways that would support economic justice in Sonoma County?
Do you think it’s time for a change of direction, adopting a green economy and finding green solutions to Sonoma County transportation issues?
Can we make 2020 the year to end fossil fuel infrastructure expansion once and for all?
Join us as we toss around ideas and come up with a plan for how to manifest these things.  We would love to include all those who are interested in participating, in whatever way you care to, so this event is kid-friendly, senior-friendly, outdoor (dog-friendly?) event and we welcome all who care about these issues-whether you have prior experience as an activist or not! We will provide yummies and invite you to bring some as well.
Let’s make it a festive and productive 90 minutes of community-building, brain-storming and planning for taking effective action aligned with our values.
See you there?
June & Terri
More info: 707-709-8574
A Request:  This Tuesday, Nov. 5th, the Board of Supervisors will be voting on whether to spend $9500 for the Airport Manager to take 5 out-of-state trips, 4 to attend additional Conferences.  We encourage you to call &/or email Board Members to request they postpone decision-making on this item, to allow time for full consideration of whether this is in alignment with the recently adopted Climate Emergency Resolution, whether there are other options (Live-Streaming, Online meetings, etc), and whether to do so would meet the needs for economic justice at a time when so many in our communities need support with the crises we experienced last week.  See below for ways to contact the Supervisors.
Talking Points, for those who can attend in person or make a phone call:
  • Prioritizing survival:  We encourage the Board of Supervisors to prioritize survival issues, related to the Climate Crisis event we experienced last week, and give those critical issues the weight and attention we agree they need.  Postponing consideration of the funding request from the Airport Manager to attend 4 additional Conferences would demonstrate sensitivity to the urgent needs of the community who have been impacted by the Kincade fire, the PG&E Power Shutoffs, the over 100mph winds, and the significant repercussions these events have had on community members.
  • Living in Alignment with our Values:  The Climate Crisis events that happened last week are relevant to the Climate Emergency Resolution (CER) that was adopted by the Board of Supervisors recently. The CER was adopted due to recognition that we are faced with extra-ordinary weather events, and their impacts, and that these events require us to respond differently than we have in the past. Mother Nature has let us know, in no uncertain terms, that we can no longer wait or continue doing business as usual.  Let’s consider whether there are other options that might both lower financial costs and impact the environment less significantly such as the Airport Manager attending meetings via Online Conferencing, or through another means. It’s time to pause to bring the airport’s overall plans into alignment with the values and true needs of our community, to support economic justice, and to not accelerate the likelihood of increasing the severity and/or frequency of extreme climate events. We adopted the CER and now it’s time for our decision-making to be based on the values it advocates.

Contact the Board of Supervisors by phone at: (707) 565-2241 or


Susan Gorin  Susan.Gorin@sonoma-county.org

Come speak at the Board Meeting: Tuesday, 11/5/19, 8:30 am, 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA
Sample email message:
Subject Line: Consent Item – Board Agenda for November 5 – Out-of-State Travel Request – Airport Manager
Dear Supervisor:
I am writing to respectfully request that the item on your November 5 meeting agenda consent calendar, regarding the request for five (5) out-of-state trips by the Airport Manager for FY 2019-20, be pulled from the agenda. 
Last week our community experienced another devastating episode of wildfire in our County.  Our resources need to be directed to addressing the causes and consequences of the fires, the winds, and the power shutoffs.  I encourage you to be sensitive to the needs of the victims of these catastrophic climate challenges and focus your conversations and considerations for action on the urgent need to address the root causes of these firestorms, improving the County’s ability to respond, and what is required to prevent catastrophes in the future.  Decision-making on these concerns is more in alignment with the Climate Emergency Resolution that you adopted and it is our responsibility to no longer do “business as usual” because these devastating climate events require our attention yesterday. We need to be spending our resources (time, money, energy and people power) responding to the life-threatening issues we are dealing with, not doing business as usual.
[Concerned Constituent]