Hemp hearing: November 21st, 1pm

Planning Commission will discuss the Ag Commissioner’s proposals for hemp ordinance. Meeting Room at Permit Sonoma on Ventura Ave. December the Supervisors will vote. If you have comment they need to be in right away.

Sonoma County Planning Commission
DATE:November 21 , 2019 TIME: 1: 20pm
Tony Linegar, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures
Andrew Smith,
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner
Board of Supervisors Hearing Scheduled for December 16, 2019
Sonoma County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures
SUBJECT: Industrial Hemp Ordinance
Amend Chapter 26 of the Sonoma County Code to limit cultivation of industrial hemp to certain
Zoning Districts, and make clarifying changes to definitions and allowed  uses  related  to  industrial  hemp  cultivation,  processing,  and extraction
Amend   Chapter   3 7   to   add   certain   zoning   restrictions   on   industrial   hemp cultivation in the AR
(Agriculture and Residential) and RRD (Resources and Rural Development) Zoning Districts.
Categorically   exempt   under   CEQA   Guidelines   Section   15307   (Actions   by  DETERMINATION:
Regulatory Agencies for Protection of Natural Resources), Section 15308 (Actions
by   Regulatory   Agencies   for   Protection   of   the   Environment),   and   Section  
15061(b)(3) (Common Sense Exemption).
Staff    recommends    that    the    Planning Commission Adopt a  Resolution recommending that the Board of Supervisors approve Zoning Code amendments to Chapter 26 of the Sonoma County Code to limit cultivation of industrial hemp within  certain  zoning  code  designations  and  make  other  clarifying  changes  to
definitions  and  allowed  uses  related  to  industrial  hemp  cultivation,  processing,  and extraction..

Comments should be sent to:


Richard Fogg sonomafogg@aol.com

Larry Reed larry@reedgilliland.com

Paula Cook pcook@ch-sc.org

Cameron Mauritson cameron@mauritsonfarms.com

John Lowry JohnLowryCA@gmail.com

Some comments on the proposed ordinance from local groups:

  1. We support hemp cultivation in the agricultural zones, LIA, LEA, DA, providing the parcel is 10 acres in size and IF there are 1,000-foot setbacks to the property line of sensitive spots (parks, schools – including pre-schools- and neighboring residences).
  2. We do not support cultivation in residential zones (RR and AR) which are both designated as primarily residential in the General Plan or in RRD which is to be preserved for its resources.
  3. We do not support hemp cultivation in the five impaired watersheds regardless of the zoning.
  4. We do not support hemp cultivation in any areas of high fire severity zones regardless of zoning particularly if it means the stringing new lines or adding more electricity by whatever means…new transformers, heavier wires, more wires to meet increased electricity demand for processing, water production, housing etc.