News from Coltura: For a Gasoline Free America

Seven Automakers Join Trump to Block Clean Car Laws In a bad decision, Toyota, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Subaru and Nissan sided with the Trump Administration in its efforts to rollback longstanding laws designed to promote fuel efficiency and electric cars. 

By contrast, Ford, VW, Honda, and BMW reached an agreement with California to support its strong clean vehicle laws regardless of whether the Trump Administration rolls back federal clean car standards. 

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Berkeley Commission Considers Policies to Move Beyond Gasoline

The City of Berkeley’s Community Environmental Advisory Commission is considering proposals to end sales of gasoline within the city, and to restrict operation and parking of gas-powered vehicles on city streets, all by 2045. If adopted, these proposals would be the most far-reaching initiatives to end the use of fossil fuels in transportation by an American city.

Thirteen European cities, including Barcelona, London, and Rome, are planning to end the operation of fossil-fuel powered vehicles in all or part of the city, and many more have announced plans to ban diesel vehicles.

The City of Berkeley is a leader in moving beyond fossil fuels. Earlier this year, Berkeley passed an ordinance requiring certain types of new construction to be all electric (no natural gas) — a measure that has already been adopted by numerous cities in California and beyond.

More information about the Berkeley gasoline proposals is available here.

EU Considers Europe-wide Ban on Fossil Fuel Cars

Numerous European countries, including the Netherlands, Norway, France, the UK, Sweden, and Ireland have already announced plans for a phaseout of new gasoline and diesel powered vehicles between the years 2025 to 2040. Building on these plans, the European Union is now considering a uniform ban of fossil-fuel vehicles for all of its member countries. The dates suggested for the EU ban so far are 2035 and 2040. Read more here.