Residents don’t approve of development of the coast: preserve not expand

Dear Supervisor Hopkins, 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived my 74 years in Sonoma County. Despite the incomparable beauty, traffic, noise, unmitigated growth and the mono crop of grapes, threaten the very soul of this county. I urge you to consider the irreversible negative consequences of changing the general plan and protection of our sacred coastline.

Please use your influence to persuade the coastal commission and fellow supervisors to put an end to the perilous decision to open our coastline to the monotonous wine industry with it’s endless miles of vineyards and event centers, that gobble up our precious water and leaves little left for the animals that have the native right to roam freely over unfenced land.

The natural balance is in your hands, please vote to preserve for all time, this precious unspoiled wonder of the Sonoma county coastline. The consequences will last forever.


Sincerely, R. Winslow