Will drones save us from climate change? Tree planting drones…..

An Australian company has invented and created an army of drones that use AI to shoot seedlings with nutrients into the earth. Every second we loose 1 1/2 acres of forest or 15 billion trees a year.

The current drone army can plant a billion trees a year.


Excerpt from website:

It’s a big goal. But it’s achievable and necessary.

Trillion Trees is a collaboration between three of the world’s largest conservation organizations, founded on a vision of a world where tree cover is expanding not shrinking. By working together, we are leveraging our large networks and decades of experience towards a common goal. To close the gap between aspirational commitments and the reality on the ground, our dedicated team develops ideas into opportunities and connects them to funders. Our ventures are protecting and restoring forests for the benefit of people, wildlife and a stable climate, and inspiring sectoral change.