To the Neighborhood Coalition,

After yesterday’s BOS meeting it is clear that the Ad Hoc, County Counsel, County Administrator and Staff have been hard at work finding a “solution” to Phase 2 Cannabis Ordinance with Ag Commissioner Linegar. They are successfully marrying hemp with THC pot. A team of neighbors is hard at work preparing a document with public input for the upcoming hemp meeting which is scheduled for Monday, January 6th. We did not have a seat at the table when Linegar convened his advisory group to draft the hemp ordinance. The meeting on 1/6 is a special meeting. We do not know what time it will begin.

There are 18 days before the meeting, and we will select a fact from our hemp opus every day and send it to you. Today’s fact:

               The “Right to Farm” law applies to only AG zones (DA, LIA and LEA). Hemp is a “right to farm”crop, THC pot is not.