Letters to the Editor: County Cannabis Rules

FYI Letters to the Editor, Press Democrat 12/19/19


County cannabis rules

EDITOR: The reason that there were no public comments against the cannabis ordinance at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday was because the public wasn’t notified about the proposed drastic turnabout (“County votes to relax process,” Wednesday). Only the industry miraculously was alerted.

We only found out on Saturday when one of our members found the Item No. 43 slipped into the board’s agenda, which seemed to be just a small change.

We were blindsided. We were all waiting for the second phase, which was to address neighborhood compatibility and had been promised by Board of Supervisors. A sweeping change was slipped in quietly trying to avoid the upheaval that such an about face would have caused.

This is an egregious step and a lack of good faith by the Board of Supervisors.

This action only heightens the distrust many of us feel in county government protecting its citizens and keeping its word to its constituents.

R. Z.