Local Group: Todays Fact: Right to Farm

Today’s Fact: 17 Days Until Hemp Meeting on Monday, January 6th

Day 17. The “Right to Farm” protection is not inviolate. It only applies to Ag crops grown on Ag land (DA, LIA and LEA), and an operation can be declared a nuisance (per State law) for up to three years after the start of the operation if it was a nuisance at the start.

There is no time restriction on declaring any Ag operation a nuisance at any time if such operation is in the other zones (RR, AR and RRD).  

All hemp is cultivation is new. It is our goal to prevent and avoid conflicts.


Day 18. The “Right to Farm” law applies to only AG zones (DA, LIA and LEA). Hemp is a “right to farm”crop, THC pot is not.