Why not Sonoma Coast? Rodenticide bans in coastal zone elsewhere

Rodenticide bans in coastal zones elsewhere

Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan Update Draft Misses This Altogether

(MPA=Marine Protection Areas) 

Among the missing current studies that are relevant the Sonoma County version of the Local Coastal Plan draft,  missing science between last citations to reports dated 2008 lifted from the 2015 Draft and inserted into current Draft w/o updating is the designated No Central CA MPAs (Pt Arena to Pigeon Pt) and its 10 MPAs along the Sonoma Coast from Estero Americano St Marine Recreational Mgmt Area to Del Mar Marine Reserve. The NCC MPAs went into effect in2010, yet are nowhere mentioned in the current LCP Update dated 2019.
Two ESHA (Endangered Species Habitat Area) were also completely eliminated in the draft that uses science studies from 2005 and 2008 when current studies from government groups are available.  Why? Got development plans County of Sonoma?

From City of Malibu: 

The Los Angeles County LCP has them. We are trying to get Malibu to do the same.

LA County portion is white in this map.