Dear Press Democrat: About that wine spill….

Dear PD Editor:

Thank you for covering the important unfolding story about the biggest wine spill in the history of our county.
Do you know if the officials handling this spill know how many chemicals (pesticides/herbicides/fungicides, etc) Rodney Strong uses on their vineyards? That’s the bigger concern and the potential impact on the water and wildlife. 
Wineries are known to use 100’s of toxic chemicals including Roundup/glyphosate, a probable carcinogen (according to the State of California and the World Health Organization).
I am an award winning filmmaker and my creative team produced just finished a short animated film on Roundup.
It’s a dark satirical song/tale about this toxic weed killer found in all the California wines that were lab tested.

I have been hand delivering postcards to wineries in our region about this issue. You can review it and the short animation here: 

I hope the PD will find the guts to report on this aspect of the spill. As we already have the highest blood cancers in California and the highest use of Roundup in the state.
Thank you in advance,
C. M. Scott
Carcinogens used in Sonoma County by “sustainable” wine industry per California Dept. Of Pesticide Regulations. See: