ACTION ALERT – Call/Email/Write – No Evictions for Gas Stations!

CONGAS: ACTION ALERT – Call/Email/Write – No Evictions for Gas Stations!

Good Morning Folks, here is the ACTION ALERT, pasted below and attached, that has the targets and talking points for your calls/emails/letters about this case where there is a clock ticking on the evictions that stops ticking at the end of March. Time is critical on this one. Please don’t hesitate to act!

Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations


911 > 711 > !!!

Family faces eviction by 7-Eleven to build a gasoline station!


In Santa Rosa, 7-Eleven threatens to evict a family from their home of 35 years to build a gas station, creating the perfect storm, combining the housing crisis and climate crisis in one place. A broad range of Sonoma County community, environmental, and social justice groups are in strong opposition to both the eviction and the overall project.

Here is what you can do…

Contact 7-Eleven, the Project Developer, and the City of Santa Rosa. Tell them you OPPOSE this gas station proposal at 43 Middle Rincon Road. Here are some talking points you can use in your call or email:

  • This gas station is not needed. There is a Chevron right across the street and over ten other operating gas stations within a five-mile radius
  • An elementary school is located less than 1,000 feet from the project site
  • Ask them to cancel the eviction notice and the whole project
  • Reference: 43 Middle Rincon Road, Santa Rosa (APPLICATION FILE NO. PRJ19-032)


  • Call/email/write 7-Eleven:

1-800-255-0711; press 2, wait through message for human. You will initiate a case file. Save the number!

7‑Eleven Inc., P.O. Box 711, Dallas, TX 75221-0711


  • Call/email/write the Project Developer:

Tait & Associates

Attn: Kim Barnett: 916-669-1822

11280 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95472


  • Call/email/write the City of Santa Rosa planner who is handling this case. Ask the city to deny the permit:

Adam Ross, City Planner: (707) 543-4705

100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 3, Santa Rosa, CA  95404