Carbon Footprint: How much CO2 is emitted by waste hauling each year in the US?

Round trip from Santa Rosa to Vacaville is 80 miles. Sonoma County started off sourcing our green waste in October of 2015.  About 22.38 pounds of CO2 are produced by burning a gallon of diesel fuel.  If each truck drives 20,000 miles a year we are looking at 447,600 pounds of green house gases emitted each year by one truck that goes into our air, soil and water.

Our farmers need the compost, we need the carbon sequestration, we need the water retention in our soils that compost saves and Green House Gases are now over 400 ppm. 

Below is article from 2017. Please attend the meeting March 5th and let the supervisors know we find this UNACCEPTABLE.

Board of Public Utilities, Thursday March 5, 1:30 pm, Santa Rosa City Council Chamber, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa.


“The county began sending green waste to sites in Ukiah, Napa, Novato and Vacaville for disposal, a practice that now costs more than $4.7 million annually, according to Carter”

Carbon Footprint: How much CO2 is emitted by waste hauling each year in the US?

The average Truck travels 25,000 miles per year and uses approximately 8,600 gallons of fuel.(2)

A Gallon of Diesel when burnt emits 10.15kgs CO2per gallon. (3) Therefore the entire Garbage Haulage Industry pumps out some (148,000 x 8,600 x 10.15 ) kgs in  2011 (probably similar this year – Garbage generation has been flatlining for a while)

That calculates out to 12,918,920 million (Metric) Tonnes per year, or 14.25 million tons. Forty thousand tons a day, every day of the year including holidays.

PD: Sonoma County officials seek to resurrect regional green waste composting operation