CONGAS Protest Monday morning

IMPORTANT: For those attending the protest…. (parking, etc.)

CONGAS: It’s a PROTEST and you are INVITED! Monday, Feb 24, 7:30am-9am, 43 Middle Rincon Rd (corner of Hwy 12 and Middle Rincon Rd)

Good Morning Folks,

For those attending the protest tomorrow morning, here are the instructions for where to park:

Parking: Regardless of which direction you are coming from on the 12, turn onto Middle Rincon Road. Immediately on your left will be the large blue Honshin Kan Martial Arts studio. Immediately past that also on the left is a gravel parking lot. Park there, but don’t block the gravel road around back that leads to the houses along the 12. 

Please do not try to park in the 7-Eleven parking lot.

Please walk, ride a bike, take public transit, or carpool if any of those options work for you.

For your benefit, here is the text of a handout that I will bring to the protest. It includes a few of the chants I want to try out with you. I’ll bring some copies but feel free to print this out for your own use. That’s all! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Woody.

Thank you for being here!

This is a peaceful, non-violent protest

  • Please be respectful to all those around you
  • Please stay on public sidewalks, do not block pedestrians, and do not block public access to the 7-Eleven
  • This is a protest against the proposal to build a gas station on this location
  • This is not a protest against 7-Eleven or anyone working at this 7-Eleven
  • CONGAS recommends that all protesters follow instructions from law enforcement and/or private property owners/managers; each individual is responsible for their own actions

Questions? Contact: Woody Hastings, CONGAS Co-coordinator 707-238-2298

Here are some chants for this morning:

  • “Wait a minute, not so fast; We don’t want your stinkin’ gas!”
  • “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, more gas stations? “Hella No!
  • “Which part of NO, don’t you understand? No more gas stations taking over land!”
  • “We are in a climate crisis that’s no lie! Keep building gas stations, kiss the Earth goodbye!”
  • “I can see a gas station right across the street! Build another here and you’re just adding to the heat!”
  • “Ooo, Ooo, it’s getting hot out here, too much CO2 in the atmosphere!” 


The Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS), a recently formed group whose mission is to stop the construction of new gasoline stations in Sonoma County and its nine cities, is currently opposing four proposed gas stations, as well as calling for a county-wide “pause” on the continued permitting of new gas stations in the face of the climate crisis until the old rules can be updated. This proposal at 43 Middle Rincon Road is the latest in a string of proposed gas stations.

At this particular location, there is an operating gas station across the street and more than ten operational gas stations within a five-mile radius. There is an elementary school less than 1000 feet away, contrary to EPA guidelines. This adds to the cumulative impact already posed by the existing station. Lastly, a family and a small business are being evicted in order to build the gas station.

Here is what you can do…

Contact 7-11, the developer, and the City of Santa Rosa. Tell them you OPPOSE this gas station proposal at 43 Middle Rincon Road. Here are some talking points you can use in your call or email:

  • This gas station is not needed. There is a Chevron right across the street and over ten others operating gas stations within a five-mile radius
  • An elementary school is located less than 1,000 feet from the project site
  • Ask them to cancel any eviction notices as well as the whole project


Call/email/write 7-Eleven


7‑Eleven Inc., P.O. Box 711, Dallas, TX 75221-0711


Call/email/write the Developer:

Tait & Associates

Attn: Kim Barnett


11280 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95472


Call/email/write the City of Santa Rosa planner who is handling this case. Ask the city to deny the permit:

Adam Ross, City Planner

(707) 543-4705

100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 3, Santa Rosa, CA  95404


Write a letter to the editor to the Press Democrat:

Email letters of no more than 200 words to