GASP (Graton Against Synthetic Pesticides): Testing Starts March 30th

GASP (Graton Against Synthetic Pesticides): Testing Starts March 30th

Toxicological Testing Starts Monday March 30th



I am hoping this is finding you all well and enjoying the sunshine with the hope of more rain to come. We have completed the air catcher training and deployment. Thank you to our volunteers!!!


We have worked out all the details to the toxicological testing.


Please contact Stephanie at to sign up!


Join Dr. Jen Riegle and Dr. Chris Holder for a comprehensive group detoxification program. We will review and complete testing for 174 different chemicals (based on 16 markers) including glyphosate and other pesticides. Dr. Riegle and Holder will walk you through how to remove these harmful chemicals from the body, and will teach about where they come from and how they impact health.


Price: $350 includes 4 classes (1 hour each) and 1 set of testing.


We have a scholarship fund set up for those that can’t cover the cost. Please let us know if you would like to receive help. Please also let us know if you would like to add money to the scholarship fund for those neighbors that need the support. 


Dates: Monday March 30, Monday May 11, Wednesday May 27, and Monday June 8 All classes will be 6:00-7:00pm


#1: Pre-testing date: March 30th: Kits given, explained, general toxin and detox information, questions answered

#2: Post-test: May 11th : Review Detox protocol and go over specific elevations/questions

#3 Detox Support: Many 27th: review protocols and steps to detox

#4 End of Detox: June 8th


Testing offered at $250 for follow up if desired. Additional family testing for Children is $250. We need to discuss this with people before they decide to test their children, as this can be a bit tricky.


Supplementation not included. Please be aware that this is a discounted rate for a group class. Only detoxification can be covered, and those with extensive health history should speak with one of the doctors first to be sure that a group visit is right for you. If you need more time or more individualized care, please make an appointment with the doctors at Wild Oak Medicine.


If you are feeling like this is more than you want to be a part of but still want to take part in some testing you may want to look into this program. It take less time and cost less but only test for glyphosate and offers no support in detoxification. I have just completed this test for some of my family members and it was super easy.


Please contact Stephanie at to sign up!


Thanks for all you are doing for our community,


Stephanie Elliott

Brush St.



Our Dream: to create a healthy environment and thriving economy for those who stay and play in Graton. To achieve this dream over the next few months we’ll be looking at how we as a community (both residents and farmers) move away from synthetic pesticides to accelerate organic and regenerative agriculture. 


Our Goal: eliminate synthetic pesticide spray and aquifer polluting chemicals within

1 mile of 95444 in 2020.


Call to Action:


  1. Awareness: please share our petition with your neighbors, friends, coworkers, at your schools or any groups. We would like to get to 2,000+ signatures in 2020.
  2. Pledge: please sign our pledge (and share) to only purchase or consume organic/biodynamic wine. (check out and for recommendations). Use #whatsinyourglass to highlight organic wines.
  3. Support: let retailers (restaurants, bars, grocery stores) know you want organic/biodynamic.
  4. Volunteer: we need data, please join the 50+ residents in well, toxicology, soil and air (drift catchers) testing.


Thank you for your support and community cooperation as we seek solutions together.



In February,  Graton residents got training on how to deploy the Air Catchers. These “Drift Catchers” will allow us to gather helpful data as far as what if anything is drifting, what is drifting and how far away it drifts.