Renew, reuse, recycle and fix….

If you have broken items that could be fixed, instead of buying new, see if your items can be repaired. Shared tools and knowledge for our community. 


Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.

We are the Maker Community of Sonoma County

Chimera (pronounced ‘Kai-mer-ah‘) Art Space is a place to unite and empower the Sebastopol and Santa Rosa-area creative community. A 501(c)3 non-profit shop and co-op where shared tools, knowledge, and workspace provide inspiration and opportunity for all.

We’re a creative hub with a 5,000+sqft shop, studio, and co-working space for West County artists, makers, hackers, inventors, creatives, hobbyists, and tinkerers. Come on down during open hours for a tour and get involved!


Repairing broken items

I can’t say enough about how wonderful the free Chimera Repair Clinic is. Do you know about Chimera? It is located on Hwy 12 just a driveway (or 2?) east of CoffeeKatz (east of Main St. )

If you are trying to live sustainably, don’t throw your broken items away. Instead take a bit of time (an hour or less) to fix the items. You might learn something interesting and you will also connect with a community of “makers” and get to know your neighbors too.

They fixed my high-end coffee grinder, did preventative maintenance to avoid future problems and taught me a bit the settings that I wasn’t aware of.

While I was there, a woman came in with a broken lamp—not just any old lamp but a special one for high illumination closeup work. To fix it, Will Bradly (Mr. Fixit) actually fabricated a broken part, not available commercially. Chimera also has classes where you can learn to use their tools. One of the classes is in 3-D printing. Some of the classes are free, others are extremely reasonably priced.

Check them out at Their class schedule and lots of other information about who and what they are is on that website.


Co-working at Chimera

We offer a flexible space with reliable WiFi, B&W and color printing/scanning, a meeting area, and a “phone booth” for all of your co-working needs!

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Electronics & Robotics

We have test equipment, oscilloscopes, power supplies, soldering irons and lots of components for your electronics and robotics projects!

Digital Fabrication

Our shop includes a large 4’x3′ laser cutter, 3D printers (PLA, ABS, and UV resin), design/CAD computers, and other prototyping and design tools!

Jewelry Studio

Make beautiful jewelry and small metal art with our brand-new metal casting studio, torch+soldering stations, buffing wheels, hydraulic press, kilns, rotary tools, shaping/forming tools, and more!

Crafts & Textiles

Come down and use our stained glass equipment, sewing machines, knitting, leather, painting and drawing supplies and more!


Work on all types of woodworking projects using our compound miter saw, bandsaws, table saws, planer, jointer, CNC and hand routers, drill press, and lots of hand tools.

Welding & Metalwork

Make awesome metal projects using our welders (MIG, TIG,       Oxyacetylene), plasma cutter, metal lathe+mill, bandsaw, sheet metal brake, drill press and other metal tools in our 4,000 sq.ft. outdoor shop space!

“Great way to explore your interests. Ive wanted to try wood turning for a long time. Chimera has everything and classes to go with it. Woodworking, metalshop, jewelry, 3D printing and graphics.

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment, take a class and become a member and use the space anytime. Equipment and tools are here.  Ariel Stone is a great teacher and I plan to go back.”

– Mary F. from  Sebastopol, CA –