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Kaiser Nurse to Neighbors: Shelter in place is working

From Kaiser Nurse to her neighbors

Hello Neighbors,
> > I want to share some hopeful statistics that were just shared by the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Medical, Health Plan, and Infectious Disease COVID-19 Command Center Leaders.
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> > The statistics show that the shelter in place system is working to dramatically decrease the incidence of new calls to our medical centers for Corona virus type symptoms.
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> > Previously there were approximately 14,000 calls per day to our NCAL systems from members who had cold/flu like symptoms (like myself specifically). In the last several days with the shelter in place, the number of calls has decreased to 5,000 calls per day. The volume is now only 30% of the number of calls that our medical groups in the NCAL were getting a week ago.
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> > THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Shelter in Place WORKS!!