March 15th, Sonoma County Climate Activist Network

March 15th, Sonoma County Climate Activist Network


Dear Justice and Earth Activists,

On March 15, Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!) will host a Community Climate Summit. All are invited to attend. Our purpose is to unite local groups and concerned citizens so that we can meet this new decade with a clear vision of the social, political and environmental challenges we are facing.

During the previous summit in 2017, twenty-four local environmental and social justice groups and 73 individuals met and formed SoCoCAN! We have gotten positive feedback. Laura Neish from 350 Bay Area reported that “our network has moved the needle substantially” – our communications, news postings and calendar have been a good step forward – but we can make it even more effective.

Time is preciously short, 11 years to make unprecedented system change happen – let’s get organized.

Our new organizing tool is the publication of a directory of groups and individual activist that will make it easier for people to connect with you, collaborate and support your activities. We are asking for your help updating your organization’s information in our database.

If you would like more information please provide phone number a best time so I we can talk this coming week.  If you are near a computer I could walk you through an online FORM that makes providing contact information simple?

Thank you all you do and your continued support


Wayne Morgenthaler
Sonoma County Climate Activist Network
Text & Voicemail 707 347-9465