NAPA: No more private helicopters or pads for rich wine tasters or owners

Sonoma County expands airport for private jets while in Napa…..

The Voters Voices Prevail: Legal Challenge to Measure D is Settled 

The legal challenge to the legitimacy of Measure D, passed by 62% of the voters in June 2018, has been resolved.  The essential protections of the text of Measure D remain unchanged:  no more private heliports and no personnel, managerial or visitor transport by helicopter to vineyards. The clarifications in the approved document included giving more fine-tuning to the aerial operators when a landing is unavoidable. The case was to go to Federal Court on March 23, 2020.

Measure D author George Caloyannides, pictured above during the 2018 campaign, stayed on board, following the legal process throughout the settlement. He stated:

“This makes evident that citizen engagement, as arduous and expensive as it may be, is sometimes the only way to ensure the future of this valley.”

For the text of the settled document, click here.

“The present is not a time for desperation but for hopeful activity.”
 – Thomas Berry