NapaVision 2050 Supports YES on Measure K

Yes on K
A Magnificent Investment in Our Future

We must act now to protect Napa County’s natural areas, parks and water. The longer we wait to make these essential protections, the more expensive it will be. Without Measure K, unprotected natural land could be lost to development and gone forever, causing even more overcrowding, traffic and demand for water. This measure is the only way to protect our essential open space and natural wildlife for generations to come. 
  • Reduce wildfire risk through improved vegetation management
  • Protect drinking water and water quality in Napa County rivers, lakes, creeks and streams by acquiring, preserving and restoring watersheds
  • Protect natural open spaces and wildlife habitat
  • ​​​Maintain parks and trails, including larger natural parks and city parks
  • Independent citizen oversight would ensure all funds are spent as promised
  • Annual financial audits would be required
  • Every penny would stay in Napa County
  • No funds could be taken away by the State
    Learn more about Yes on K here.