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Sample letter to support Renewable Sonoma Compost

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March 1, 2020
IN RE: In Support of Renewable Sonoma Proposed Compost Operation
Wine and Water Watch is a local organization of over 250 citizens concerned with
the over-development of the wine tourism industry, promotion of ethical land use,
climate change action, water use and social justice issues. WWW is represented
and active in the Sonoma County Water Coalition, General Plan working group,
CONGAS, NapaVision 2050, SASS (Safe Ag Safe Schools Sonoma County) as
well as several climate action groups and social justice groups.
Wine and Water Watch supports a new organic compost facility and we are
concerned that an opposition group has formed to shut it down before it opens. We
witnessed and participated in the public input period and it received wide support
from not only organic farmers and gardeners but the general public. For an
objecting group to come forward now is an example of a disease that has lately
permeated our county, that of NIMBY-ism.
Our reasons for supporting Renewable Sonoma are as follows:
1.  Compost, and in particular organic compost, helps soil retain moisture—crucial
in low-rainfall years; increases nutrient content of soils; reduces or eliminates the
need for chemical fertilizers and promotes higher yield of ag crops. In addition it
reduces stormwater runoff and soil erosion and protects the climate.
2.  Currently our curbside organics are out-hauled, increasing our carbon footprint
and going against Sonoma County’s commitment to counteract climate change.
This reduces the amount of organic soil amendments as well as raises their price
due to unavailability. It is crucial that composting returns to Sonoma County as
soon as possible. Sonoma Compost, a key partner in Renewable Sonoma, has a
track record of producing high-quality composts and mulches and has been a
trusted ally of agriculture, the landscape industry and backyard gardeners.
3.  Since 2016, $7.6 million has been spent shipping green waste out of the county
— more than would have been shelled out for in-county operations. The extended
hauling has led to rate hikes for consumers.
4.  Renewable Sonoma has put forward a program that reduces emissions from the
landfill (methane); constructs a carbon friendly compost/mulch program; and
promotes carbon farming/gardening through climate-friendly use of its products.
As citizens we need encouragement that our county is forward-thinking and indeed
committed to climate action. We respectfully ask that the City of Santa Rosa
approve the preferred site for the new compost facility at Laguna Treatment Plant.
Wine & Water Watch Board

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Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities

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Zero Waste Sonoma

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Zero Waste Sonoma

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