Graton Against Synthetic Pesticides (GASP): Notification System

GASP: Notification System

AFTER April 1st, contact Dutton Ranch directly for notification. 

Starting in April, Dutton Ranch will provide notifications prior to sprays.

In a time of chaos, GASP has some good news to share: 

Dutton Ranch will be providing notification (via email) prior to sprays. This will be for the field adjacent to Oak Grove Elementary, Hallberg Vineyard. 


While this does not mean they will be discontinuing the use of pesticides, it does mean that you will have agency over your actions to reduce your risk of exposure. We appreciate this collective effort to serve the community’s needs.

Actions you can take to reduce exposure and risk:

  • avoid the area of exposure.
  • close windows and doors the night before a spray/application.
  • avoid early morning walks or runs within 1 mile of spray area.
  • remove shoes and clothing when you enter your home.
  • shower before getting into bed.


Even the most careful, responsible sprayer cannot control what happens to pesticide droplets after they are released.


You can learn more about your risks HERE


Next steps:

  • After April 1st, please contact Dutton Ranch directly to be added.
  • Please feel free to forward this email to others who might be interested in notification.

Our Dream: to create a healthy environment and thriving economy for those who stay and play in Graton. To achieve this dream over the next few months we’ll be looking at how we as a community (both residents and farmers) move away from synthetic pesticides to accelerate organic and regenerative agriculture. 


Our Goal: eliminate synthetic pesticide spray and aquifer polluting chemicals within

1 mile of 95444 in 2020.


Call to Action:


  1. Awareness: please share our petition with your neighbors, friends, coworkers, at your schools or any groups. We would like to get to 2,000+ signatures in 2020.
  2. Pledge: please sign our pledge (and share) to only purchase or consume organic/biodynamic wine. (check out and for recommendations). Use #whatsinyourglass to highlight organic wines.
  3. Support: let retailers (restaurants, bars, grocery stores) know you want organic/biodynamic.
  4. Volunteer: we need data, please join the 50+ residents in well, toxicology, soil and air (drift catchers) testing.


Thank you for your support and community cooperation as we seek solutions together.



Saturday March 7th Rally for the Rights of Mother Nature on 116 where just under 100 people gathered to protest

the use of pesticides.

In February,  Graton residents got training on how to deploy the Air Catchers. These “Drift Catchers” will allow us to gather helpful data as far as what if anything is drifting, what is drifting and how far away it drifts.


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