Whapmagoostui QC, March 29, 2020.
Sacred Fire was lit in our community on Thursday, March 16th, 2020 and burned for people to offer tobacco in prayer over 4 days and 4 nights. Ceremonial Elders, as their ancestors did in difficult times, gathered in a ceremony each day and night to get direction from the Spiritual Realm on how to deal with COVID-19 virus.
The language of Spirit (ceremony) tells us that a Messenger has come, a dark Messenger whose relatives are (to name a few): hatred among men (humans), all that which clouds the mind such as alcohol, drugs and substance abuse; violence and human conflict of all forms, and, most importantly, the disregard for Mother Earth as a living being. The Messenger is relentless, and no one is immune. It will continue to spread, and it will take many innocents lives.
The pandemic cannot be cured by medicine alone; it must be combined with good deeds, prayer, and humanity’s collective commitment to change its ways, most of all, its dedication to minimizing the damage it does to the Earth. The pollution of air and water must be addressed. It is by doing
these things that a cure will come and humanity will have a better chance of surviving what’s yet to come.
Key Messages from the Ceremonies:
Respect for Mother Earth and all Beings in Nature Mother Earth must be respected and honoured as a living being that she is, and all beings in Nature honoured and left alone in their natural habitat. Too many are kept in captivity (zoos, labs) where their suffering is immeasurable. Even those in their own natural habitat, they suffer because of what Man has done to Mother Earth. They lose their food, medicines, and other essentials they need to bring up their offspring. Their suffering does not allow their energy to flow freely with the
rhythm of the Cosmos. As such, their restricted energy propagates sickness in the world. Their energy must be allowed to resonate freely throughout the Universe as it should for healing to come to the world.
Respect for Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous peoples have been oppressed all too long and their voices not heard. During this dark period, all persons will experience what oppression feels like, the inability to access your essential needs, the land, medicine, what you love most, and what you need to be happy. From this experience, and with the will to honour all Indigenous peoples of the world, brighter light will shine upon the Earth for the betterment of humanity.

With regard to the current pandemic, the message for Indigenous peoples themselves is to use your traditional medicines that come from your homeland, sing your song and dance for life in your own way. Despite the suffering that you experienced in the past and in the present, the Great Spirit has never left you. 

As the Language of Spirit (ceremony) says, the Great Spirit has eyes on you from all Creation.
His Spirit is present in his Creation, in the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the wind, the rain. He is closer to you than the air that you breathe. Acknowledge him.
Respect for Women
Why are men more susceptible to the coronavirus? It has been said that the woman is the only Force in the Universe that can channel the human soul from the Spiritual Realm. She must be
respected and honoured as such. In the world, women (even little girls) are abused, violated, sold for profit. Many are victims of human trafficking which goes against the Law that governs the Universe. Their suffering emits negative energy to the world that brings sickness. This must change.
A woman must be honoured always as a bearer of life, life-giver and nurturer. Be mindful of this Truth always: Without a woman, none of us would have life, today.
Original Teachings
At the beginning of time, like all other beings in the natural world, all nations of the world were given what our Elders call the “Original Teachings”, that if followed would help create and maintain
balance and harmony in the world at all times. If heeded, those fully developed spiritually would  — at the end of their Earth journey – be able to enter the Spirit World without the pains of physical death, as do all other species in Nature. To fully restore global balance and harmony, all nations
must return to their roots on the Tree of Life and seek this knowledge. If we do not do this, we will be wiped out from the face of the earth and many souls may be lost.
Humanity must evolve
To work closely with the Great Spirit at all times, humanity must evolve in line with the Law that governs the Universe. For this to happen, all faiths in the world must evolve spiritually and in their own way. It’s only through deep spiritual knowledge and understanding that humans can fully
realize that we are not above, but equal to, all Creation. This journey must begin now if we are to survive.
The current coronavirus is not Divine retribution. It is for all of us to realize that humanity has greatly violated the Natural Law. This law dictates that the Sun will rise in the East and set in the West until the end of time. No one person or a collectivity can change that. Any attempt to do so could result in an immeasurable catastrophe.
Humanity is called to reflect on its past and present and plan a new way of living with Mother Earth.
This is the only way to ensure that the human species survives till the end of time.
Blessings to all.
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For more information, please contact:
Elder Matthew Mukash