Moratorium on tree removal needed in Sonoma county NOW!

Pictures from the Laguna de Santa Rosa area (our county’s life line for water) where once again, clear cutting of our slow growing and keystone species oaks (over 100 dependent species on the oaks) are being killed for more winegrapes in the middle of a grape glut, plummeting wine sales, megadrought, economic downturn and possible depression…..TIME FOR A MORATORIUM ON ANY TREE REMOVAL. The supervisors have been kicking the can down the road for years. We need a realistic climate oriented tree ordinance for the 21st century not the wild west.  

Definition: A keystone species is a species that exerts great influence on an ecosystem relative to its abundance. of a wide range of habitats. Oaks in North America have more biomass and number of species than any other tree group; they are the backbone of many different forest communities and provide immeasurable ecosystem services.

From local tree lover:

What is wrong with these pictures?  If you say pretty much everything, I think you are right.  We need an official “time out” on these permits even in the face of the virus and maybe even because of the virus and what more is to come if we don’t preserve and expand our woods.
11-acres of mostly mature native oak woodland.

Native woodlands need to be preserved for climate – carbon sequestration – protecting our habitat and habitat of vulnerable people and wildlife.

The area depicted above is adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa.  It would seem like the Laguna Foundation would be interested in these types of intensification of uses—vineyard here.

Water quality and quantity will be adversely impacted.
You can probably think of even more things that are wrong with what is portrayed in these images….
I am all ears.  Let’s make a list.
If you are frustrated by this permissive county policy, let the law makers know.  I would love to be cc’d on any correspondence that you may chose to send in!
Thank you for all you do.
In service to the kids, the voiceless, and the wild,