Felta Creek THP update CalFire 2nd Review tomorrow

Comments extended to May 17th. The out of county owner of this property, has twice been convicted of environmental damage on previous developments. The 2007 traffic study won’t cut it, removal of fish restoration previously in plan won’t cut it, unsafe bridges from logging trucks won’t cut it…We are all watching! 

Felta Creek THP update CalFire 2nd Review tomorrow

Friends of Felta Creek,
Thank you for making your voices heard and submitting heartfelt, spirited and well constructed letters to CalFire during the public comment period (which has been extended to May 17th). If you’d like some great reading and a chance to be uplifted by your neighbors and elected officials click here to read letters posted thus far!

CalFire will take THP 1-17-017 SON to the next level of review on tomorrow, Thursday, May 7th 10am.

This meeting is open to the public and will be conducted as a dial-in conference call.

For those wishing to participate please call:
1-888-363-4749, Participant code: 3146408

The CalFire Review Team will review issues that were discussed at the Pre Harvest Inspection (April 7th) and others that have surfaced since that time.
The focal points of review are: Fish, Bridges and Traffic as mandated by the court when we won the lawsuit on these issues.
FISH: Although a significant Watershed Restoration Project was included in the THP application (as recommended by environmental engineers Prunuske Chatham, to ensure that fish habitat would be enhanced) CalFire and the applicant have decided to REMOVE the restoration plan from the THP. We are disappointed and confused by this.
BRIDGES : Sonoma County Building and Planning Dept has confirmed that a building permit will be required for modifications proposed for one our fragile wooden bridges, despite the applicant’s arrogant and mistaken assertion that “the county of Sonoma has zero jurisdiction over it. They have no authority to tell we owners of the road what we can and/or cannot do on that road.”  In fact, the County does have jurisdiction and although many of us have easements to  use  the road, we do not  own the road or the bridges. We still need to ensure that waivers are not sought to avoid a building permit.
TRAFFIC: We continue to maintain that the traffic study that was submitted is flawed and incomplete. It does not take into consideration multiple variables including recent data or virtually any hard facts pertaining to Felta Creek Road itself. It relies on assumptions and relegates Felta Creek Road to a typical logging road and dismisses the great hardships and potential risk of emergency that this operation is proposing. 
We have commissioned reports by licensed professionals on the above three items and they will be submitted before the close of public comments.
Please go here to view the current public comments.
We have a simple new website where you can find current information as we continue to oversee the THP application process and contemplate other strategies to protect our watershed. friendsoffeltacreek.org Please see the Resources tab as we make additional documents accessible.
Stay healthy, stay safe, come for a walk and enjoy Felta Creek before the possibility that 30+ trucks and additional support vehicles pass per day…all summer long and into fire season in the fall.
We are doing our very best to stay up with the literal dozens of changes to the plan each day and to communicate out. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.
In health and community,
Quincey & Dan Imhoff
Lucy Kotter