Megadrought, grape glut and fires and the destruction of trees continues in Sonoma County for grapes….

Megadrought, grape glut, climate change and fires……the destruction of our trees and watersheds continue in Sonoma County for grapes….Got food security (96% of our food imported)? With megadrought declared, is the best use for our water, carbon sequestration, watershed replenishment and climate change?  

This is a no brainer and should stop ASAP.   Now is a good time for a temporary cessation of large scale tree removal.  No excuses.  We need Supervisors Hopkins, Zane, and Gorin to move this forward and hopefully the others will not resist. Uplands of Laguna de Santa Rosa. MAY DAY 2020…Mayday mayday…

Uplands of Laguna de Santa Rosa*


One concrete action our political leaders can take this MAY… a temporary time out on this negative activity – significant tree removal and burning.