Movement Rights: Join the Virtual Fireplace

Navajo Nation Suffers Third-Highest COVID-19 Infection Rate in US with Limited Healthcare and Water
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Excerpt: “The rural community has reported having nearly 2,300 known cases of COVID-19, 73 deaths as of Sunday.”

Movement Rights: Join the Virtual Fireplace May 12th, 11am PST

Dear Relatives,

As the world has been shifted, so too is the way we organize—both online and in the streets. Grassroots climate justice organizing has always been led by Indigenous and People of Color communities, and this remains true during The Great Slowdown.  

There is no “normal” to return to. It’s time to take part in the “Virtual Fireplace” of connection. Movement Rights has partnered with three leading Indigenous voices in the new multimedia world and the art of combining street actions with online organizing. Join us for an inspiration  conversation and exchange of ideas May 12 at 11 am (pacific time)/2 pm (eastern time).

As Indigenous media-maker Bryan Parras (also known on Twitter as the @HighTechAztec) says, “Indigenous people have always communicated in a way that transcends the physical. So what may seem new to many is a space Indigenous people have always occupied, but with modern technology.”

Jennifer Falcon, Media Director for the Indigenous Environmental Network, is also providing leadership in online organizing, working to ensure that when our on-the-ground presence is limited, our message remain vibrant, inclusive and active.

Iris Rodriguez, co-founder of Xica Media and Xica Nation has dedicated her career to helping people get engaged on the web, providing trainings and resources to ensure we are all more than just “arm-chair activists” in these times.

Join us for this exciting conversation around the Virtual Fireplace.

To make a donation to Movement Rights for our webinar series, and our work for Indigenous Rights and Rights of Nature, please visit our website here.

From our home to yours, we send you heartfelt wishes for the safety of everyone you love in this time.

Pennie Opal Plant and Shannon Biggs
Co-founders, Movement Rights

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