Proposed new vineyard construction at 27800 Seaview Rd.

WE NEED A TREE ORDINANCE NOW! No more logging for vineyards. Grape glut, declining sales, change in drinking habits and failing eonomic model during a megadrought. Seriously Permit Sonoma and Supervisors? 

Dear Mr. Aguero:

I am very disturbed to learn of the approval of this permit.

Why was any meaningful biological survey lacking, despite admission of habitat loss and impacts to endangered species?

How can the usual pesticides and herbicides that are a part of viticulture, and will drain into wetlands, a seasonal creek and the Gualala watershed, be used with no mention of effect on amphibians? And this is while the Local Coastal Plan Update hearings over the past year have strongly focused on ending the use of poisons in the Coastal Zone. The proximity of this area to the Coastal Zone will surely affect it.

Destruction of any more wetlands and forests, and so close to the treasure of Kolmer Gulch’s old-growth redwood grove, is also particularly upsetting, as is the prospect of any vineyard expansion so close to the Coastal Zone and the loss of habitat that is entailed. This seems to me completely contrary to the county’s environmental protection goals.

It is evident that this document was a do-over of a Napa County parcel assessment, from the mistaken reference within it. How sad for us who really care about the beauty and safety of our environment, and want our county to take their work seriously, with surveys that are done in a thorough and meaningful manner and enough informed and caring experts on board.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

K. F.

 Your comments should be sent to the attention of:
ZPE19 -0225, Robert Aguero (Robert.Aguero  The Project Planner can also be reached at 707-565-3718
The following application has been filed with the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department.
File Number: ZPE19- 0225
Applicant Name: Peter Michael Winery
Owner Name: Same Site Address: 27800 Seaview Rd., Cazadero
APN: 109-360-010
Project Description:
Request for a Zoning Permit with Environmental Review for a Minor Timberland
Conversion of less than three (3) acres on an 11.63 acre parcel zoned RRD (Rural Residential District).
We are submitting the above application for your review and recommendation.  Additional information is on file in this office.
Responses to referrals should include: (1) statement of any environmental concerns or uncertainties your agency may have with the project; (2) any comments you wish to make regarding the merits of the project; and (3) your proposed conditions and mitigations for this project.  Responsible agencies under  CEQA are requested to indicate whether permits will be required for this project. Your comments should be sent to the attention of:
ZPE19 -0225, Robert Aguero (Robert.Aguero  The Project Planner can also be reached at 707-565-3718
Please send a copy of your comments to the applicant(s) or their representatives as indicated on the attached Planning Application.
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