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Sonoma Valley Naturalist – Wildflower and Rock

6 to 7 pm, Wednesday, May 27, Zoom program 

Learn the secrets of rare local wildflowers that grow from rock, including our very own Sonoma Beardstongue first identified in Sonoma Valley and other penstemons!

Featuring California certified naturalist Teri Shore, host, and special guest botanist Peter Warner!

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This is second a series of Sonoma Valley Naturalist programs to showcase and share the incredible natural treasures of our watershed and beyond. Open to all nature lovers!


Special guest Peter Warner is an independent consulting botanist, plant ecologist and educator, and ecological interpreter. He has been involved in the study of plants and ecology for about 40 years. Peter holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Biology (Ecology) from Sonoma State University. For the past 25 years, he’s taught botanically oriented classes and workshops and organized hundreds of trips throughout California to explore biodiversity. His experience also includes 10 years of working in environmental science with California State Parks and Golden Gate Parks Conservancy. Some of Peter’s current work includes post-fire floristic studies for Sonoma Land Trust and Pepperwood Preserve, leading interpretive walks in botany and fire ecology.

Listen to his incredible  talk about fire followers for Sonoma Land Trust here:

Sonoma Beardstongue. I sighted the rare Sonoma Beardstongue for the first time ever on a recent walk at Napa Palisades, growing straight out of rock outcrops on the way to Table Mountain. My research revealed that it was indeed a rare penstemon that was originally identified on Mount Hood in Sonoma Valley in 1891! So excited, I decided this would be the next program for Sonoma Valley Naturalist so we can all learn more about these delicate, colorful and unique wildflowers and the rocky habitats where they live. By the way, mountain penstemon was John Muir’s favorite wildflower!

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