Update from Congressman Jared Huffman

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I hope you had a safe and happy Memorial Day. This holiday is an important time to reflect on, honor, and appreciate all those who have died in service to our country. This year, the Memorial Day weekend also marks the solemn milestone of 100,000 American lives lost so far to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as our military pledges to leave no one behind on the war battlefield, we must resolve to do more to protect every American from the ravages of this deadly pandemic.

Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Virtual Briefing Image

Our committee held a bipartisan virtual briefing to explore the risks posed by extreme weather during the pandemic. The briefing was focused on ways to help state and local governments protect communities from climate-fueled threats – including wildfires, severe storms, hot summer conditions, and a hurricanes – as they continue to respond to the public health crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These other crises will not wait until the pandemic threat is behind us. The devastating flooding in Michigan last week is a reminder that extreme weather and other climate change impacts increasingly threaten our health and safety and we must do more to confront that challenge.


Reviving the Economy with Restoration and Resilience
Last week, I led almost 80 of my colleagues in a letter urging House leadership to include a “Restoration and Resilience Jobs” program as we invest in the future of our economic recovery. Unemployment is surging, and America is on the brink of another depression. By investing in restoration and resilience, we can  simultaneously accelerate our economic recovery, strengthen our workforce, bolster our resilience, sequester carbon, and enhance our nation’s remarkable natural resilience. 

Alzheimer’s Association Town Hall

Rep. Huffman addresses an online audience during a virtual Alzheimer’s Association town hall.

On Tuesday, I joined the Alzheimer’s Association’s town hall to talk about Congress’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can support individuals living with Alzheimer’s, and their caregivers and families, during this crisis. I was glad to share the work I’m doing on the federal level to support this community.

The House Returns for Votes This Week 
Earlier this month, I flew to Washington to vote for the Heroes Act and to approve new, temporary, changes to the House’s rules that allow for proxy voting and remote hearings. Congress must be able to continue to conduct important legislative and oversight work while we abide by public health guidance. This week, I will be casting my vote remotely for several important bills, including the bipartisan TRUTH ACT, to improve transparency in SBA lending so that emergency funds go to the small businesses most in need. During this public health and economic emergency, it is clear that some bigger businesses are cutting the line to get loans and special treatment, at the expense of struggling local businesses with the greatest need.  

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep our community safe and healthy. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office for assistance if you are in need. You can find your local district office contact on my website here, where you can also find resources to help you and your family access  federal resources including individual payments, unemployment, housing, food, educational resources, and more. My staff is ready to help you with business resources like Economic Injury Disaster Loans and the PPP.  And don’t forget to join me for my weekly virtual office hours, every Wednesday at 2pm PDT at facebook.com/rephuffman.  


Thank you, and stay well,

Jared Huffman
Member of Congress