Update on Winery Event Ordinance from Preserve Rural Sonoma County (PRSC)

Happy Monday, my friends!
The long awaited Event Ordinance is up before the BOS tomorrow, Tuesday, but it is a discussion, no decisions YET. Looks like they’re kicking it down the road again for late Spring 2021!
Here are the details…. to listen to the meeting, this link should get you in:

9:30 A.M. – ORD16-0001 Winery Events Local Area Guidelines and Ordinance Update. 2020-0471

The Board will eceive an update from Permit Sonoma on the preparation of the areas of potential overconcentration guidelines for the Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Valley, and Westside Road areas, and discuss the proposed direction for completing the policy update for winery events.
Department or Agency Name(s): Permit and Resource Management
Discussion, not decision:
 Next Steps:
  • Finalize all local guidelines by Winter 2020
  • Prepare draft ordinance by early Spring 2021
  • Including community engagement
  • Harmonize guidelines to ensure consistency
  • Present policy to Board by late Spring 2021
Following the meeting, we will be in touch regarding next steps.  Thanks!

Padi Selwyn

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