SASS: Safe Ag Safe Schools Sonoma County for pesticide reform in California

Dear Sonoma SASS members,
As part of the coalition efforts, we serve on the CPR state policy committee, which meets weekly. As promised, I will share updates and calls to action from this committee. 

Call to action #1:

Please promote this notification petition via all communications and social media networks. We are seeking 10K signatures on this petition by June 11 and need you help spreading this:
You can also link this youtube video with a call to action to accompany the petition:
Call to action #2:
On June 11 at 1pm, we will have a call with CA DPR to request notification for pesticide spraying to families living near farms. I will speak on our behalf, and would like to represent our SASS community. Please share any talking points you would like me to speak to on this google doc, and I will do my best to synthesize these for the call.
Next Steps:
Thank you for your continued support of Sonoma SASS. Please feel free to share these resources with our SASS, GASP, PPWG, and respective partner organizations for promotion.