Another letter to deny

To: Everett
Subject: UPC18-0001 Public Hearing August 12, 2020

Board of Supervisors – Public Comment Re: the proposed grow at 885 Montgomery Road in Sebastopol

If you vote to approve this application on August 12th, at the same time please make a public statement and explain to your constituents that your primary goal is a robust cannabis industry and you intend to pursue that goal and will do nothing about quality of life issues for residents. Certainly, the Board is aware of the overwhelming skunky smell this project emits. Be honest and tell those seven neighbors that you are perfectly willing to subject them to a condition that affects their health and the enjoyment of their homes. Tell the public that you intend to continue to prioritize the cannabis industry and disregard the serious problem of odor. Do not pretend there is no odor, or that the odor is negligible, or that it only lasts a short period of time or that fences and vegetation will absorb the smell and mitigate it to an insignificant level. It is time to state your primary goal publicly and drop the pretense of being concerned about neighborhood compatibility.

Everyone knows there is a scientific measurement of odor. Follow the science.

The parcel may be adequate for an indoor grow in a suitable structure but certainly not in an unpermitted barn sitting on the property line with a fan blowing the smelly unfiltered air into the neighbors back yard. Choosing environmentally superior alternatives will lead to better located operations.

The location of this proposed project is the poster child showing where a cannabis operation should NOT be located. Deny this application.

Name Withheld for privacy