Draft Local Coastal Plan comments needed ASAP

It’s time to get serious about comments on the Draft Local Coastal Plan update.  
The Planning Department is  targeting a 11 November Board of Supervisors date for a discussion workshop. They are looking for comments to be submitted by August 3, 2020 so that they can analyze the feedback. 
There were huge problems that became apparent in the 3 workshops where documents were not easy to re4ad, maps and appendix’s were not coordinated, Marine Protection zones were excluded, Endangered Species Areas went from 3 to 1, no written prohibition of fossil fuel support facilities and more. Please send in your comments so your voice will be heard.
From County site:


Public Review Draft Local Coastal Plan

Complete Draft and Appendices

Sonoma County Public Review Draft Local Coastal Plan (PDF: 2.26 MB)

Sonoma County Public Review Draft Local Coastal Plan Appendices (PDF: 5.44 MB)

Separate Chapter/Sections of Complete Plan

To accommodate slow connection speeds, the individual elements & appendices are provided below.

Element/ Section Description File Size
0 Table of Contents 107 kB
1 Introduction 309 kB
2 Land Use Element 489 kB
3 Agricultural Resources Element 269 kB
4 Open Space and Resource Conservation Element 502 kB
5 Public Access Element 332 kB
6 Water Resources Element 294 kB
7 Public Safety Element 520 kB
8 Circulation and Transit Element 279 kB
9 Public Facilities and Services Element 388 kB
10 Noise Element 265 kB
11 Glossary 312 kB

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Appendix Description File Size
A Design Guidelines  278 kB
B Public Access Plan  582 kB
C Right to Farm Ordinance  148 kB
D Scenic Resources 1.04 MB
E Natural Resources 264 kB
F Shoreline Protection 132 kB
G Bodega Bay Vulnerability Assessment 3.62 MB
H 2010 Bike & Pedestrian Plan Project List 144 kB
I Categorical Exclusions 297 kB
J Historic Resources Inventory 204 kB

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Figure/Map Description File Size
C-LU-1a thru 1k Land Use 15.09 MB
C-AR-1a thru 1k Agricultural Resources 11.99 MB
C-OSRC-1a thru 1k Designated Scenic Resource Areas 10.81 MB
C-OSRC-2a thru 2k Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas 9.44 MB
C-WR-1a thru 1c Watersheds and Subwatersheds 3.13 MB
C-WR-2a thru 2c Groundwater Basins 2.49 MB
C-PS-1a thru 1c Seismic Geologic Hazards 2.82 MB
C-PS-2a thru 2c Slope Instability Hazards 3.17 MB
C-PS-3a thru 3k Tsunami and Sea Level Rise Hazards 11.45 MB
C-PS-4a thru 4c Coastal Exposure Threat 2.56 MB
C-PS-5a thru 5c Role of Natural Habitat 2.34 MB
C-PS-6a thru 6c Wildland Fire Threat 2.54 MB
C-CT-1a thru 1c Road and Bikeway Classification 2.39 MB
C-PF-1a thru 1c School Districts 2.26 MB
C-PF-2a thru 2c Fire Districts 2.22 MB
C-PA-1a thru 1k Public Access 9.25 MB

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Policy Comparison Tables

The following are policy comparison tables to assist in comparing the current (2001) Local Coastal Plan to proposed policies in the Public Review Draft.

Table Description File Size
Development – Public Services 101 kB
Development – Environmental Resources  284 kB
Development – Housing  87 kB
Development – Land Use 180 kB
Development – Transportation 127 kB
Development – Visual Resources 213 kB
Environment – Environmental Hazards 116 kB
Environment – Resources 139 kB
Harbor 112 kB
Historic Resources 96 kB
Recreation – Recreational Facilities 165 kB
Recreation – Shoreline Access 89 kB
Recreation – Visitor Serving Facilities 97 kB

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Fact Sheets

Public Review Draft (PDF: 2 MB)

Agriculture (PDF: 2 MB)

Housing (PDF: 2 MB)

Public Access (PDF: 1 MB)

Printed Version

Printed copies of the Draft are available for your review at Permit Sonoma, in the reference area of Sonoma County public library branches, and at the public locations listed below:

Bodega Bay Post Office
537 Smith Brothers Road
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Duncans Mills Post Office
25375 Steelhead Boulevard
Duncans Mills, CA 95430

Jenner Post Office
10439 Highway 1
Jenner, CA 95450

Monte Rio Post Office (Northwood)
19420 CA-116
Monte Rio, CA 95462

The Sea Ranch Post Office
60 Sea Walk Drive
Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Public Review Draft Archive

Public Review Draft Presentation – The Sea Ranch
(November 17, 2019. PDF: 7.13 MB)

Public Comments September 2019 to December 2019
(PDF: 38.9 MB)

Public Comments December 2019 to February 2020
(PDF: 472 kB)

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Coastal Zone

View full size map (PDF: 746 kB)