Movement Rights: Join us LIVE: Indigenous Rights, Cosmology and Rights of Nature

Join us LIVE: Indigenous Rights, Cosmology and Rights of Nature

“In passing the Rights of Nature into Ponca tribal law, for the first time we saw our Indigenous values and Rights reflected in western law. We are not people protecting Nature, we are Nature protecting itself. This is powerful way to create system change.” 
— Casey Camp Horinek, Ponca Nation of Oklahoma

Dear Relatives,

From stopping pipelines to the US Supreme Court upholding treaty rights in Oklahoma this week, we see powerful change happening all around us. Indigenous cosmology, Indigenous Rights and the Rights of Nature offer powerful guidance, leadership and tools for system change.

We cannot stop Climate chaos when the law treats the Earth as property. Movement Rights was founded to work with Indigenous communities on Turtle Island and around the world to align human laws with the laws of Mother Earth.

Led by Ponca Casey Camp Horinek, in 2016 with support from Movement Rights, the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, became the first in the US to recognize the Rights of Nature on tribal land to stop fossil fuel projects that have caused environmental genocide, earthquakes, and the poisoning of water. Since then, several tribes have adopted rights of nature laws to protect the Sacred system of life. Even during the COVID 19 pandemic, the Ponca Nation continues to organize to protect Mother Earth.

Tuesday, July 14 join Casey Camp Horinek and Movement Rights’ co-founders for a discussion about confronting colonization, environmental racism and climate chaos. While we will be live on Facebook, those who register on ZOOM can be part of the live discussion and Q&A with speakers. Space is limited, so click here to REGISTER TODAY!
If you are interested in implementing Rights of Nature in your community we will be offering ONLINE Intertribal Rights of Nature (IRON) Forums led by Casey Camp Horinek and Movement Rights, as well as trainings for non-Indigenous communities. To learn more please contact us directly by email.

On the streets and at home, we stand together always in solidarity,

Pennie Opal Plant and Shannon Biggs
Movement Rights co-founders 

(Photo from the Juneteenth action at the Port of Oakland in support of Black Lives Matter)

P.S. To see past webinars, including our recent Global Rights of Nature  visit Movement Rights’ YouTube Channel.

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