Hey Folks,

Regarding the gas station and junk food store proposal at Llano & 12…

In case you have not heard, in a very unusual occurrence, the Planning Agency canceled the virtual public hearing that had been scheduled for 1pm today less than three hours before the hearing was to start. They canceled because they were swamped over the past days by our deluge of valid, serious, specific findings of errors, inaccuracies, omissions, and more in their mitigated negative declaration and their staff report.

THANK YOU to all of you who wrote letters, sent emails, made phone calls, signed up to speak at the hearing, etc. It paid off. Any delay at all is a win for us.

The County is claiming that the reason they canceled is that they erred in their public noticing of the hearing and/or that they had problems with the virtual hearing technology. Those reasons are covers. The truth is, we have them on the ropes. The staff (contracted outsourced staff that does not live in Sonoma County by the way) knows that their recommendation to approve this bad project was a bad recommendation favoring a project that should have been flatly turned down when it was first proposed in 2013.

It may come up again, and if/when it does, I will make sure you Waccos know about it.

Enjoy your smoke & fire-free interdependence days.

Contact me if you want to get on board,