“Women2Women” circle, election volunteers

99 days and counting to election. Have you been thinking about helping with the election and you are a woman? Want to volunteer for flex hours to help in the election? 

The present administration has marginalized women from all walks of life starting on Day 1 with the first act on the war on women by taking away fair pay. They have proceeded to try and take control over our bodies, defunding of planned birth control (The Supreme Court upheld Trump administration rules severely limiting contraceptive coverage, allowing any type of employer to deny coverage of birth control in employee health insurance plans.),  contraceptives, attacks on women in the media including handicapped war vets, has been charged by 2 dozen women for sexual assault. Had enough? 

Women2Women circle

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get off the bench, there’s no more time to wait. Today marks 100 days until the election and we’re launching our massive Women2Women voter contact plan.

All we’re asking you to do today is to pledge at least one hour to call or text women voters during one of our weekly Turnout Tuesdays or Texting Thursday virtual volunteer gatherings in the next 100 days. Can you do that?

If yes, please sign the 100 days volunteer pledge now to commit at least one hour to contacting women voters to make sure they’re registered and ready to vote on November 3rd.

Are you in? »

If you and 12,000 other women volunteer just one hour, we can make 3,600,000 calls with our dialer system!

Women can be the ones to get Trump out of office: it is our duty, and it can be done. We are the majority of voters and if we turnout in force, we can decide the fate of this election.

Our assignment is clear: Defeat Trump nationally using the tools available to us during this pandemic – while building up and repairing the bonds between us to tackle our most urgent threats from coronavirus, police violence, recession, rising fascism, and climate change.

Here’s what happens next after you sign the pledge:

  1. You’ll be invited to join the weekly Turnout Tuesdays phone bank. There will be a 30 minute training session each week followed by one hour of calling or texting. After you do the training once, you can just join for the 60 minutes of voter contact.
  2. If you’re ready to go even further, we’re inviting you to start a Women2Women circle with at least five other people where you live to organize locally and work together to defeat Trump. Let us know if you’re interested on the pledge form and we’ll invite you to our info session on August 6th at 7pm.

We must come together to build a feminist force so strong that Trumpism cannot exist, flourish or grow. Will you sign the 100 days pledge to help turnout women voters in record numbers?

Excited to have you on the team,

Kate Shapiro
Organizing Director