Action Alert: Save Russian River flows Now! Russian River low flows this summer?

Action Alert: Save Russian River flows Now!


Dear River lovers,

The State Water Board is issuing an order to approve Sonoma Water Agency’s request to reduce river flows by 25–35cfs for the rest of this year! If river flows are cut that deeply, recreation will come to a halt, our dogs and kids will be put at risk by harmful algal blooms, and we’ll all be kept away from the river’s healing power right when we need it most. We won’t stand for this!

Our river economy is struggling during COVID-19, and we can’t let safe summertime fun be another 2020 casualty. We need the river more than ever right now!

So are you asking yourself what you can do yet? Stand up and make your voice heard today!

We’ve already done the hard work for you, so just click the button below and take a quick minute to add a line about why you love the river so much, your name, and where you live. Then click send! Help us stand up against the regulators and ensure our river is safe to play in this summer.  #savetodayplaytomorrow

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