Action needed by Sept. 6th to stop logging on Russian River in Guerneville and Monte Rio

Russian River Times

by Johanna Lynch


The shocking news surprised local Russian River communities and shocked just about everyone who took for granted their jewels were protected; the scenic splendor of “Our beautiful hillsides– so green and lush.”
 Rumors are flying that the Clar Tree is one of the victims in the plan.
Redwood Empire Sawmills owned by the Burch family proudly boasts of being the biggest employer in Cloverdale; 240 jobs. Critics of the big biz of cutting down mostly Redwood trees is that the company is outdated and ill fit to sustain due to the destruction of water-bodies, soil health, and diminishing habitats for birds and wildlife.
 The enormity of the harvests has been under scrutiny in Mendocino County and the courageous group of “Friends of the Gualala River and Sonoma County’s Forest Unlimited to back up and protest against most of these mega-tree harvest plans– most of which get approved–”No problem in California.”
 Guerneville residents say they never dreamed that the destructive tree-cutters would be working around Neeley Road.” Redwood Empire has been sued in other counties for reckless, destructive THP disasters including Mendocino County where loggers have created havoc for wildlife, water quality and completely destroyed  healthy soil quality.
The long lists of damage to the environments that thrive within  healthy forests are the loss of scenic/visual sites now useless regarding scenic views of beloved trees whose attractions drew visitors for over 100 years.
“People used to visit the Russian River here in  Guerneville, to stare at the trees” That practice was the foundation for the startup of the Bohemian Grove. The members were drawn to the stands of Redwood Trees and began a campsite near Elim Grove in the 1800;s The first members were journalists, artists printers and loved to paint and draw images of the glorious trees.
It saddens a lot of people, old and young with memories of the trees growing up kayaking and visiting the Russian River. This is no small thin, almost as important as making millions of dollars to cut the trees down.  The removal of forests and huge land sites creates those increasing larger-than-life mudslides. The commercial loggers neither care or have to pay for any of the destruction and the state of California does not demand anything to heal the land and replace the trees.
“Surely there are laws to stop the disreputable greedy private land owners?”
The rough, noisy logging crews and their giant trucks and landscapers are dreaded and the leftover slash lying on the ground is fire-fodder according to critics along with the removal of a huge windbreak which has protected Guerneville for over a century?
Residents claim the whole biz of “logging” that used to ring with a note of heroism and bravery is no longer the same. They ask why so many jobs are in the logging business and so few in the preservation of trees, clean air and needed protecitons for the disappearing wildlife.
The grassroots newly-formed Guerneville Forest Coalition can be contacted @
Partnering with Forest Unlimited (  and need to raise money to hire great attorneys to fight this in court facebook group: Forest Coalition Click donate
The THP (Timber Harvest Plan)
Silver Estates THP
Please send Emails to CalFire today (info above) Always include the THP number correctly.