CONGAS Update and next meeting September 2nd

CONGAS Update and next meeting

Hi Folks,
We hope you are all staying well and safe with widlfire evacuations now upon us. Sharing Coltura’s latest news blast where CONGAS is mentioned. Lots of other interesting/good news. See below.
As a point of clarification, the message got a bit garbled regarding what happened with Rotten Robbie. As you may be aware, on August 3 Jenny and I were contacted by Rotten Robbie who was in escrow on the Stony Point/116 location to build a project similar to what ARCO had proposed. This has nothing to do with the Sebastopol Road/Llano site. We dissuaded Rotten Robbie from pursing a project with the strong persuasive force of all your letters from 2019 in opposition to the ARCO plans. This is a good lesson learned that any episode of opposition has value in serving to dissuade future prospective applicants. So that means we save all our stuff! (Which we do).
Since I am here, just a note that our next virtual meting is set for Sept 2 @ 6pm. More to come on that.
-Woody & Jenny