Slow Food Russian River:


For the past six years, Slow Food has offered free apple

pressing services In Sebastopol.

Last year alone we helped residents and visitors press over 50,000 pounds of

local apples. This year, because of public health concerns, we are not able to offer that service. But we have found an exciting new way to avoid the waste of good apples, and to provide healthy food to people who are especially in need during the pandemic.

We are pleased to announce that our local apple processing facility, Manzana Products, has agreed to process, at no cost, apples Slow Food collects.

The juice and sauce made from these apples will in turn be donated by Slow Food to non-profit organizations to help feed the hungry.

If you have apples you are willing to donate, please reply and let us know. If you can pick your apples, we will have a central location where you can bring them. Details are

still being worked out, but we expect to have a donation collection site in Sebastopol open next week, perhaps by August 12.

If you cannot pick your apples but have several trees, we

might be able to have them picked by Farm to Pantry


Let us know if this is your situation.

We hope to hear from you.