Welcome to Dante’s Inferno……fire updates

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Subject: UPDATE – INCLUDING INTERACTIVE MAP – the beginning of 2020 Fire Season

Two fires:

One fire complex is near Lake Berryessa, in Napa Valley. While this poses a threat to St. Helena and nearby towns, it is presently an infinitesimal threat to any communities or residences in our portfolio.

The second fire is WEST of Santa Rosa, in the wilderness near Austin Creek Recreational Area. This fire is due north of Guerneville and Sonoma County’s river communities. Most residents in west county north of the Russian River has been given mandatory evacuation orders. (In the attached pdf, pink areas are mandatory evac zones. Yellow zones are potential evacuation orders.)

This fire has likewise not (yet) impacted any of our portfolio. As long as mutual aid fire services can tackle this fire efficiently, it should be prevented from threatening the 101 corridor. Depending on winds, etc, it could however pose a foreseeable risk to the river communities.

interactive map: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/8ca8296b14384a468c72e63fd6de766a?data_id=dataSource_1-City_Limits_PSGIS_2664%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Parcels_Public_8504%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-FireStations_8086%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Sonoma_County_Evacuation_Areas_public_3160%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-CalOES_California_Webcams_7329%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-MODIS_Thermal_v1_3047%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Power_Outages__View__6346%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Medical_Facilities_2954_6112%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Power_Outages__View__9694%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Public_Wildfire_Perimeters_View_3532_4187%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-MODIS_Thermal_v1_9289_2306%3Anull%2CdataSource_1-Sonoma_County_1252%3Anull