Why not here? Breaking News! New York is on the verge of banning the toxic herbicide glyphosate on state property.

SASS and member organizations have already taken this cancer causing chemical out of some public spaces. The biggest offender is the wine industry.
Breaking News! New York is on the verge of banning the toxic herbicide glyphosate on state property.
The glyphosate ban bills A.732-B, sponsored by Assemblymember Linda B Rosenthal, and S.6502, sponsored by Senator José M Serrano, passed the New York State Legislature with overwhelming bipartisan majorities last week. The bill now sits on Governor Cuomo’s desk for his signature.
If Governor Cuomo signs this bill, New York would be the first to have a statewide glyphosate ban on public lands. Cities across the U.S., one by one, have been instituting glyphosate bans on public lands. But a statewide glyphosate ban would be a BIG DEAL. If you know anyone that lives in New York State, please share this email with them and ask them to take part. A glyphosate ban in New York State could get the ball rolling across more states!
“Weeds are unsightly, but cancer is a killer, and we should not wait for a child or anyone to become sick to take action to protect them against a serious potential risk. Parents don’t want their children exposed to dangerous, toxic chemicals when they play in state parks, and groundskeepers and farm workers should not be exposed to potentially deadly chemicals while doing their job. Prohibiting the use of glyphosate on State property makes good sense: doing so will protect the public health and environment while shielding the State from millions of dollars in potential liability associated with its use. With safer alternatives available, there is no reason the State should be using a potential carcinogen to kill weeds.” – Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal
In 2019, Governor Cuomo mandated a ban on the neurotoxic insecticide, chlorpyrifos, known to be harmful to babies and children. The residents of New York State have spoken and are demanding an end to glyphosate use on state property.
New York Residents: Tell Governor Cuomo to sign Bill A.732-B/S.6502 TODAY. You can send the pre-written text, but we encourage you to write your own message to the governor. Click HERE to take action.
For New York residents that prefer to call the governor’s office, you can call this number: 1-518-474-8390. Office hours: weekdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Tell the governor’s staffer that you are a resident of New York State (they may ask you for your personal details) and that you want the governor to sign Bill A.732-B/S.6502 to prohibit the use of glyphosate herbicides on public lands.

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