Action Alert: Silver Estates logging letter, sign on by Sept. 18th

Action Alert: Silver Estates logging letter, sign on by Sept. 18th

Please note extended comment date…..

CalFire rarely looks at template letters. Please consider signing on to this letter or writing an original letter to CalFire by September 18th, Friday. You can add your name or your organizations name by emailing us at . We thank you for supporting our forests.  

Guerneville Forest Coalition at: also has more information.

Armstrong Woods before fire.

Silver Estates Timber Harvest Plan

Forest Practice Program Manager
Silver Estates THP #1-20-00084-SON

Considering current fire conditions burning 54,940 acres in the Walbridge fire and 2,360 acres in the Meyers Grade fire, why is CalFire considering a logging permit on this impacted scenic route in the same area? 

Logging makes no sense until the full impacts of these fires are assessed and analyzed. We know that this logging group, the Burch company, has had past environmental fines for poor logging practices.  Siltation will also follow from the currently burning fires. Plus, all the logging trucks will be driving on subpar roads, having many significant hazards.

Burch company wants to log the large mature trees. They are the trees that provide canopies which tend to prevent the undergrowth from developing into more fuel for wildfires. Mature trees aide in keeping wildfires at low severity and tend to survive most fires. We have lost 1/3 of our forests in this area already. There is no need to exacerbate this situation by allowing more logging.

Approval of this logging plan makes no sense in the face of climate change; it will not improve the health of the Russian River or will it add to the community in any positive way.

You need to reject this ill-conceived timber harvest plan.