UPDATE: GOOD NEWS on Felta Creek Watershed Logging

Felta Creek Watershed Update

Sorry for another email but we have breaking news.

Late yesterday CalFire  DENIED Timber Harvest Plan 1-17-017 SON. This is certainly good news, coming at an intense time. We’re just not sure  how good it is.

The plan submitter, Mr. Bareilles has a few options. He can appeal the decision to the State Board of Forestry, resubmit the plan for consideration or file an exemption or emergency notice.

Please see Dominik Schwab’s letter which explains that the THP was denied because the submitter did not allow CalFire the  additional time needed to respond to the large number of public comments received.

We will follow the situation closely and post updates at  https://friendsoffeltacreek.org/news.
Thank you for being a critical part of our efforts thus far.
In continued health and safety,



This has been a trying time inside a trying time. We do hope you and yours are safe. We also know that many of you lost your homes and suffered damage on your properties. Our hearts are heavy with the news.
Many have been asking the status of the Fox Meadows property and the pending THP with respect to the fires.
The property is still burning in spots at the outer edge of the fire on the ground. The forest seems intact from a distance. Felta Creek Canyon where many of you walk and revel in the redwoods is safe and untouched.
We are sorry to know that the headwaters for Felta Creek on the Max property burned. We do not know the details yet. We are hopeful that given Oliver Max’s terrific sustainable forestry practices, that damage was minimal.

Unbelievably, yesterday was a decision deadline for CalFire to approve or deny the THP. No action was taken and we are left very much up in the air. The landowners are unwilling to extend CalFire additional time.

I’ve provided a brief update on our website and will endeavor to keep it up to date each day as news becomes available. I will refrain from overburdening your email box.
I believe I can speak for the neighbors of Felta Creek in acknowledging a debt of gratitude to CalFire and the myriad firefighters who have battled the Walbridge Fire. We are so appreciative.
Please subscribe to updates at freindsoffeltacreek.org/news. It seems surreal that we have to be defending the watershed further at this time, but here we are. Stronger together by each day as neighbors, community, advocates, activists and family.
Quincey Imhoff for
Friends of Felta Creek.
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